Did you plan to get back on the bike after New Year but let it slide? If you like many others are finding it hard to motivate yourself and keep fit, then read on. We’ve got tips to keep you inspired and stimulated as you aim to get back on the road.

Set A Goal

Training without having a clear idea about what your goals are is like a chicken losing its head: you might be going fast but you don’t know where you’re going! Having a goal in mind has many advantages:

You will have a motivation to get up early on weekends

You will want to eat healthy

You will be focused

Whether big or small, we should set goals, as once we reach them we get the motivation to push ourselves even harder.

Make a Training Plan

In training it’s important to stay consistent, vary your activities and rest on the days that you’ve planned. We recommend to see a coach to make a specific training plan suited to your needs.

Reward yourself

If you see that you are following your program, your performance is increasing and you are meeting your goals, it’s not a sin to give yourself a prize!

Variety is the spice of life

Vary your routes as much as possible, even if you are going to cycling in the same area, take a different route, it will keep you on your toes as you won’t be going through the motions.

Another trick is to change your cycling partner/s from time to time. Change your routes and environment by rolling with different people and you’ll never get bored.

Measure your progress

It’s no use pushing ourselves in training if we don’t measure how we are improving. Get yourself a GPS Bike Computer which records all that stats you need like speed, distance and time.

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